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Antibandit Doors

Antibandit doors offer protection against bullets ranging from a 9mm Parabellum Handgun to R1 Rifle.  Bullet resistant doors can be manufactured to provide up to 2 hour fire-resistance as well as blast protection.

Anti-Bandit security doors should be able to resist different calibre ammunition. Typically, when it comes to bullet resistance, there are four different categories:

1. G1 Anti Bandit – Resisting up to 9mm Parabellum (28mm Glass View Panel)
2. G2 Anti Bandit – Resisting up to 357 Magnum & 12 Gauge shotgun (38mm Glass View Panel)
3. G3 Anti Bandit – Resisting up to AK47 Rifle or similar (53mm Glass View Panel)
4. G4 Anti Bandit – Resisting up to R1 Assault rifle 7.56 calibre (77mm Glass View Panel)

Overall frame size:  W940mm x H2100mm

Optional Extras

• Steel Cladding for External Doors
• Access Control
• View Panel
• Push and Kick Plates
• Wood Veneers and Laminates for Internal Doors
• High Security Locking
• BR Glass Doors and Walls
• Door Closers

Bullet Resistant Glass

Also known as Transparent Armour – comes in a variety of grades. Each one is capable of withstanding different intensities of attack.  Ballistic glass is capable of withstanding armour piercing bullets and threats from 20mm fragmentation (FSP).

To safeguard certain areas in your business or residential property from attack, without feeling closed in by walls, open your space with Transparent Armour (Bullet Resistant Glass).  Due to the weight and difficult handling, specialised installation is required for Transparent Armour walls and doors and is therefore, limited to 28mm.

Before and after images.


Special door sizes and configurations are available on request.  Speak to our sales team for customised anti-bandit doors to suit your own application or architectural specification

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