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Commercial Grade Radiation Shielded Doors

Stronghold Fire & Security are the leading manufacturer of commercial grade lead lined doors in South Africa. We provide radiation shielded door solutions tailored to meet your specifications. Doors supplied by SFS can meet the stringent requirements for radiation shielding, fire protection, impact resistance, hygiene control, sound reduction, air-pressure and privacy.

Our Doors are Suitable for Applications in:

• Dental Surgeries
• OPG/CBCT Rooms
• Operating Theatres
• Diagnostic Imaging (X-ray, CT Scan rooms)
• PET Facilities
• Laboratories
• Veterinary Clinics

Custom Made and Quality Assured

We offer wide range of x-ray radiation shielded lead lined doors, designed for use in industrial and healthcare
industries. Available as sliding or hinged, all doors are manufactured to the clients specification.

Lead Gauge

• To meet specifications as per the Radiation Shielding Design Report.
• Solid core doors from 10kg.m² (0.88mm) up to 25kg.m² (2.2mm) lead lined.
• Specialty heavy shielded doors 30kg.m² (2.64mm) + available upon request.

Door Finish

• Custom dimensions and thickness (Min 40mm thick for standard lead gauges).
• MDF Paint grade skins as standard.
• Laminate, Veneer Ply, Stainless Steel and other various door protection options.


• Door Closer – Factory fitted
• Handle & Locks – Factory fitted
• Manual or Automated Sliding Gear Systems

Special preparation and precaution must be followed when fitting accessories onto your Lead Lined doors and is therefore, crucial to the integrity of the door, that these are fitted by the manufacturer.

Other Options

• 2HR Fire Rated doors available (-/120/30)
• 1.6Pb and 2.2Pb Lead Equivalent Glass viewing panels
• Supply and installation of drop seals.

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