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Stronghold Company Profile

Stronghold Fire & Security was founded by Daphne Eva in 2006, who from humble beginnings, started Stronghold as a home operated business. In 2009 Stronghold moved to a small workshop and from there Daphne and her team grew the business from: servicing and supplying of doors, to assembling and installing of doors, to the manufacturing of a wide range of commercial and industrial doors.


Fire Escape Doors

Stronghold manufacturers and installs a wide variety of fire doors to meet the requirements of the various industries; Commercial, Industrial, Medical, Hospitality and Security. The ironmongery fitted to the fire door is a key factor to the integrity of your fire door and should be fire rated. Non-fire rated ironmongery will cause your door to fail in case of a fire.


Lead Lined Doors

Stronghold Fire & Security are the leading manufacturer of commercial grade lead lined doors in South Africa. We provide radiation shielded door solutions tailored to meet your specifications. Doors supplied by SFS can meet the stringent requirements for radiation shielding, fire protection, impact resistance, hygiene control, sound reduction, air-pressure and privacy.


Sliding Fire Doors

Stronghold sliding fire doors are manufactured strictly in accordance to SANS 1253:2003 edition 3 specifications for fire doors and fire shutters and will provide a rating of two hours. Their flush faced appearance and slim-line construction, make them an ideal solution, for openings where headroom restrictions prohibit other types of doors. They can be designed to blend in with the surrounding structure or as a feature, due to their versatility.


Antibandit Doors

Special door sizes and configurations are available on request.

Bullet resistant doors can be manufactured to provide up to 2 hour fire-resistance as well as blast protection. No material can be considered absolutely safe against bullets, since repeated attacks will eventually break them down.  The various levels are meant to provide protection against various types of firearms, ranging from small guns to high-powered rifles. Bullet resistant doors and screens are available in various finishes or have full glass-vision.  Anti-bandit and bullet resistant doors are a crucial means to offer additional safety to any building. At Stronghold, we offer bullet resistant doors that are available in various levels of protection to suit your requirements.


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