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Consulting and Site Surveys

Because so many of our sites are refurbishments, both frame and wall openings vary from door to door and this can cause incorrect placing of orders and installation failures. If a door is even a few milometers out, it could mean the difference between the replacement door unit fitting or not fitting. Specialised doors have very little tolerance therefore, it is imperative to get the sizing correct.

Making use of our specialised Consulting services give us the opportunity to advise you on the correct door type and ironmongery to suit your application as well as keeping in line with the regulations as set out by SANS.

Site surveys are carried out to confirm sizing, handing and ironmongery for both quoting purposes and for manufacturing. Unfortunately when we have to replace door frames, not all information can be gathered from a site survey and we are often left to quote blindly. We have no way of knowing if walls are reinforced or if the walls have been poorly constructed with no lintels above the door, this information can only be obtained once we commence with breaking out of old frames.

Fire doors cannot be hung to a standard frame as the make-up of a standard frames varies significantly to that of a fire frame and does not comply with SANS regulations, furthermore fire doors are much thicker than a non-fire rated doors and will stand proud of the frame. Stronghold manufactures ‘Insert Frames’ which in certain instances, can be welded into a standard frame to meet the regulations, saving you time, money and mess. All this will be determined when doing a site walk.

New Door Installations

Stronghold is proud of its skilled installation teams, who have years of experience, in nearly every type of door installation; fire and escape doors, transformer doors, Anti-bandit doors, cinema doors, acoustic doors, container doors, sliding doors, hospital doors and a variety of custom doors.

Our installations form part of the total door solution we offer:

  • Creating new day-lite openings to take a new installation
  • Removing existing doors and frames and replacing with new
  • Installing of new doors and frames into prepared openings
  • Installing new doors into existing frames
  • Modifying existing frames on site to take additional hinges for heavy doors
  • Installing continuous hinges on new and existing frames to take heavy or high traffic doors
  • Modifying wall openings to suit revised door sizes
  • Welding in of ‘insert frames’ to create a fire door frame
  • Installations of build-in frames, bolt on frames, dry-wall frames, insert frames, container door frames, wooden frames, etc

Ironmongery Fittings

No door is complete without the accompanying ironmongery and door hardware and at Stronghold we believe that by supplying and installing all ironmongery types and brands, we further enhance our ability to provide our clients with a total door solution.

Installation of ironmongery and door hardware is best done during the assembly stage of manufacturing, however as this is not always possible we have teams who install ironmongery on site.

For new doors, it is important to advise the manufacturer of the types of ironmongery that is to be fitted to your door, as preps are strategically placed for the fixing of the various ironmongery types.

On-site installation of ironmongery is best carried out after wet works and when the site is clean and secure. If this is not possible ensure all ironmongery is protected from plaster and mortar.

Stronghold also retrofits ironmongery on doors to meet certain regulation updates as well as replacing damaged ironmongery and hardware. In high traffic areas, one of the first things to give way are the hinges on your door and in many instances the best solution is to retrofit a continuous hinge onto your door. Certain procedures need to be followed when changing hinges or ironmongery on a fire door and is best left to the experts so as not to compromise the integrity of your door.

Servicing and Repairs

Most large companies have Health and Safety Officers or Maintenance Managers who are responsible for all doors throughout the building. Stronghold works closely with these Officers and Managers to ensure their specialised doors are maintained and repaired to uphold the integrity of the door type and within regulation, where applicable.

Majority of doors are repaired on site as they need to be lockable the same day. Stronghold will not compromise on your security and will never leave site until the safety of your company is intact.

On-site services include:

  • Steel cladding of doors on site
  • Changing of ironmongery and making good
  • Repairs to damaged doors where possible
  • Changing of hinges
  • Fitting of view panel
  • Closing up of holes in fire doors
  • Turning doors around to opposite swing (if frame allows)
  • Servicing of doors
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Issuing of compliance certificates

Export (SADC Certified)

Our ever increasing footprint in Africa is definitely an achievement we are proud of and by sourcing materials locally, we are able to offer SADC certified doors.  Our wide variety of doors can be shipped as a complete unit with your desired finish and specified ironmongery or in its basic form.  All goods shipped by Stronghold are packed and crated by WeCrate who specialise in export crating and fumigation.

Quality Assured

In a time where price takes precedence over quality, Stronghold has stood firm in their belief that quality must take precedence. Having noticed a definite shift in the market, it is encouraging to know that short term gains don’t outweigh long term goals. Our goal is always, to sell quality doors that give many years of service thereby, enhancing our reputation and that of our client.

We manufacture a wide variety of doors and only use quality materials to ensure our doors meet and exceed the performance for which they were procured.  Our raw materials are sourced locally, from reputable suppliers as we are firm believers in supporting our own country and in a small way, contributing to job creation.

After-sales service is as important as pre-sales service so you can rest assured, we will never leave you in the lurch if you pick up a problem on site. We all get those gremlin jobs where nothing seems to go right and we guarantee we will work with you until everything is 100%.

However, I must confess:

  • if you store our doors outside in the rain and they get damaged – that is not a quality issue
  • if your contractor wheels the wheel barrow over our doors and they get damaged – that is not a quality issue
  • if the doors and frames are not installed, true, square and plumb and cross braced after filling with mortar – that is not a quality issue
  • if the ironmongery has ceased due to wet works on site – that is not a quality issue
  • if the doors are rammed open with a wheel barrow full of concrete, leaving the door dented and full of concrete – that is not a quality issue
  • if fire doors are cut or trimmed on site because the frame was installed to fit a skew wall and the door no longer fits – that is not a quality issue
  • if external doors exposed to the elements are ordered without steel cladding and full surround channel, they will get damaged – that is not a quality issue

We understand that doors are big, bulky and difficult to store and move around which is also a contributing factor to doors being damaged on site and for this reason you might want to consider Stronghold’s quality installations.

Customised Door Finishes

Every site has its own unique look and feel, so have fun by mixing it up and find diverse door finishes that complement the aesthetics of your building.

The days of fire and escape doors being an eye sore or just plain boring are long gone, with a large variety of veneers and laminates available, we are spoilt for choice. One way to spruce up a hotel, conference centre or office block is to finish your doors in funky colour laminates or dress it down with contemporary laminates, no matter what your style or design is, there are so many ways to enhance the look and feel of your building.

Similarly for steel doors, the colour palette available for powder coating is just as vast and powder coating provides a protective barrier that helps prevent corrosion. While it isn’t indestructible, it is highly durable, retains colour and has excellent UV stability.

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