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Stronghold Emergency Escape Doors

SANS regulation stipulates that all final Emergency Escape Doors leading directly into day-light opening need not be a ‘Classed’ Fire Door however, it must be protected from the elements and fitted with regulatory Escape Hardware.

Doors used for emergency exits and fire escapes are mostly hinged doors and MUST ALWAYS OPEN OUTWARDS (in the direction of escape). They must be able to be easily opened from the inside by any person, in dark or smoky conditions – without the use of keys, tools, or special knowledge of the premises or equipment.

Where will you specify and Escape Door:
• Doors leading out directly into day-light opening
• Final external door used to exit a building
• Final external exit door leading to external fire escape
• Warehouse and factory doors for final escape

When a final Exit Door needs to be a Fire Door:
• Flammable goods manufacturing and storage facility final exits
• Final exit door leading into parking areas
• All final exit doors in high-risk areas
• A Fire Inspectors’ instruction

Ironmongery suitable for final Emergency Escape Doors:
• Panic-bolts and Push-bars
• Lever handles with Sash lock and Thumb-turn Cylinder
• Pull Handles with Deadlock and Thumb-turn Cylinders
• Non hold-open Door closers

How to Determine the Handing of Your Fire & Escape Doors
Handing refers to the direction of the door swing as it is opened.

Your Door Handing is always determined from the PULL side which is also the side where the Hinge Knuckles are visible.

Door Handing for Single Doors

If you use your Left hand to pull the door towards you – Left Hand

If you use your Right hand to pull the door towards you – Right Hand

Door Handing for Double Doors
Double Doors have an Active Leaf and a Passive Leaf. When ordering doors always refer to the handing of the active leaf.

If you use your Left hand to pull the active leaf towards you – Left Hand Active
If you use your Right hand to pull the active leaf towards you – Right Hand Active


It is difficult to change the handing of your door once it is hung or installed therefore, its important that we get this right.  Fire & Escape Door must always open towards the direction of escape, there are however exceptions and when doors are opening in, it will not affect how you order your doors, but it will affect how we need to install the ironmongery. Ironmongery will always be fitted for doors opening out, unless otherwise specified.


Total Door Solution

Our sales team are experienced to cover all aspects of the design and construction of your escape doors; from ensuring correct door and ironmongery specification, through manufacture, installation and successful project completion.


Adaptability & Flexibility

Our capacity to adapt to customer needs has been a significant factor in our success. We understand that not all projects are the same. Our door solutions are tailor made to meet your requirements and ensure full regulatory compliance.


Quality & Durability

With many years of knowledge in specialist bespoke door systems, we have come to realise that the strength and durability of a fire door, lies within the pre-assembly preparation. Reinforcing the core and strategically inserting various preps to take ironmongery is paramount to the longevity of our doors.


Protecting Your Doors From The Elements

Standard fire door finishes will not stand up to harsh environments and therefore, needs to be protected to prolong the life of your door. All external doors must Doors exposed to moisture will swell and expand to fit too tight in their frames, preventing easy exit from a building in case of an emergency.

The moisture will also cause the face of the door to delaminate. Repairing a severely swollen door is not always possible without ruining the integrity of the door; therefore, replacement will be necessary.



Standard fire door finishes will not stand up to harsh environments and therefore, needs to be protected to prolong the life of your door.
All external doors must be cladded with Galvanised or Stainless Steel Sheeting and full surround channel to protect the edges.

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